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These are some possible ways to make contact with rapper and songwriter Jack Harlow. Listed are phone number, email address, social media and mailing address for manager Chris Thomas at Range Media Partners, booking agents De'Mont Callender and Aaron Pinkus at Wasserman Music, publicist Jason Davis at Atlantic Records, and record label..

Jack Harlow Manager

Chris Thomas at Range Media Partners
Range Media Partners Main Phone: (424) 403-1500
Email: [email protected]

Chris Thomas Twitter:

Range Media Partners Instagram:

Jack Harlow Booking Agents

Aaron Pinkus & De'Mont "Cal" Callender at Wasserman Music - For North & South America, Australia

Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

De'Mont Callender Instagram:

Jack Harlow Publicist

Jason Davis at Atlantic Records

[email protected]
Phone 212-707-2055

Record Label

Generation Now
501 Means St NW
Atlanta GA 30318

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This is the official video for Jack Harlow's They Don't Love It. The song is fro his third studio album, Jackman, that was released in April 2023

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