Posted September 14, 2019
Updated November 2, 2019

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Almond Milk Egg Protein Shake Recipe

In this video from Travis S, he duplicates Arnold Schwarzenegger's protein shake recipe on his YouTube channel and shares his thoughts about the unusual concoction. After this video is the original video of Arnold making this shake in his kitchen.

Original Article
Muscle and fitness legend, film star and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger recently revealed his secret protein shake recipe. In the video posted by Men's Health on YouTube, the former governor of California uses almond milk, banana, tart cherry juice, and most surprisingly a whole egg (eggshell and all)!

Arnold Schwarzenegger eating healthy!

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When using the whole egg, Arnold is of course getting protein but also adding a very good source of calcium to his diet from the eggshell. And attached to the eggshell is the membrane which is full of collagen. Eggshell collagen is said to be beneficial for skin health and has shown promise in relieving joint pain because of a substance it contains known as hyaluronic acid. The tart cherry juice Arnold uses in his protein shake is also used for muscle soreness and joint pain. And you see that he uses almond milk and not cow milk for this shake. Arnold has been quite clear on his opinion over the years that cow milk is not optimal for adult nutition because in nature milk is aways used by babies. It's hard to argue with that logic.

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