Emma Chamberlain Weight Loss Inspiration 2019

October 12, 2019
"I love you guys, have an amazing day, be yourself follow your dreams and keep it real." -Emma Chamberlain
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Let's take a close look at the beauty and fitness of immensely popular YouTuber Emma Chamberlain. I've taken some time to magnify five images to bring out the most detail and placed them together as part of an automatic video slideshow to make them more viewer-friendly. Simply click the play button on the video below to begin the slideshow. Note: This slideshow is hosted on the Celebrity Detective Health and Fitness YouTube channel Located Here.

Three of these images are from Emma Chamberlain's Instagram account, instagram.com/emmachamberlain. Two images are from videos posted on her YouTube channel.
Bonus Motivation
Emma hits the hotel gym for a workout after a day on the go, which included eating a vegan doughnut for breakfast.

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Quick Health Tip
Most know that weight resistance training can be beneficial for increasing strength and improving overall fitness, but most don't know that this is also very beneficial for your bones. Regular weight resistance exercises such as tennis, dancing, jogging, weight lifting, hiking and biking, places weight on the bone, which in turn creates an environment that will help slow down bone loss as we age.

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