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John Cena was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts on April 23, 1977. With a background in football acquired from his days at Springfield College, Cena's athleticism allowed him to quickly transition to the professional wrestling circuit where he would eventually join World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002.

The pro wrestling superstar currently lives in the private gated community of Nature's Reserve in Land O' Lakes, Florida. A lot has changed at the Cena residence since this article was published several years ago. Cena, probably WWE's most popular athlete, has ordered so many contstruction projects for the home over the years that it hardly resembles its original form. These new aerial photos nicely reveal the massive aesthetic upgrades the home has received when compared to earlier photos below. Note: The first photo is from 2020, immediately followed by photos from 2018.

John Cena's home in Land O' Lakes, Florida - new house picture 2020
Click Here for larger picture.

John Cena's home in Land O' Lakes, Florida - new house picture

John Cena's home in Land O' Lakes, Florida - new house picture
John Cena's home in Land O' Lakes, Florida - new house picture
Protecting his large car collection from the elements looks to be one of the motivations behind the construction upgrades. There is also privacy shrubbery now encircling the property. Amazon Link to all top John Cena and WWE items including Throw Blankets Shirts Championship Belts and More
Next are the previous aeial photos taken before the big changes.

John Cena's home in Land O' Lakes, Florida - house picture
Click to see larger picture: http://www.celebritydetective.com/pictures/john-cena-home.jpg

John Cena's home in Land O' Lakes, Florida - house picture

Click to see larger picture: http://www.celebritydetective.com/pictures/john-cena-home2.jpg
This is how superstar wrestler and actor John Cena's home in Land O' Lakes, Florida looked before massive upgrages.

Land O' Lakes, Florida is located roughly 20 miles north of Tampa and has a population of approximately 21,000.

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