Celebrity Meal Plans

Here we take a very close look at celebrity meal plans. Learn all about the yummy foods that celebrities are using to create their own meal plans at home. You might even want to try making some of these meals yourself. Note: The most recent additions are posted at the top of the list.

Picture of Jennifer Garner eating homemade stew.

Jennifer Garner - Full Day of Eating / Stephanie Buttermore - Full Day of Eating / Sydney Cummings - Full Day of Eating / Michelle Choi - Full Day of Eating / Chloe Ting - Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza / Chloe Ting - Breakfast Ideas / Michelle Choi - Stir Fry Shrimp Noodles / Emma Chamberlain - Organic Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich / Cassey Ho - Full Day of Eating / Jamie Oliver - Loads of Chocolate Dessert Recipes and How-to Videos / Jamie Oliver - Loads of Salmon Recipes and How-to Videos / Emma Chamberlain - Brussel Sprouts / Johanna Devries - Sunflower Crisp Salad With Veggie Burger Recipe / Sophie van Oostenbrugge - Unique Protein Shake / Juice & Toya - Turkey Bacon Sourdough BLT Sandwich Idea / Sophie van Oostenbrugge - Stuffed Bell Peppers / Becca Bristow - Healthy Pizza / Tiffani Beaston - Brussel Sprouts / Daniella Perkins - Chicken With Greens and Bell Peppers / Arlyne Sanjines - Banza Chickpea Pasta / Maddie Lymburner - Healthy Mango Breakfast /

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