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The old wise saying remains true, Content is King. If you offer valuable information you will be rewarded. Learn about how began and about the popular content we currently have to offer.

A picture of Judge Judy's home in Naples Florida

Beginning and Evolution

Founded in 2003 by celebrity information hobbyist Steven Clark, now informs like-minded enthusiasts on a much greater level. With intriguing insights into the world of celebrities, this website serves as a hub for enthusiasts seeking a blend of unique, engaging, and offbeat content. With a commitment to authenticity and a passion for celebrating the lives of celebrities, it has become a trusted source, with an emphasis on the more hidden facets of the stars we admire. offers something for everyone.


In a media landscape too often saturated with sensationalism, this is a refreshing alternative. Our website's unique approach to celebrity coverage goes beyond the surface-level gossip and headlines, providing readers with lesser-known and more intimate look at their favorite celebrities.

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