Halle Berry Fitness Inspiration

Posted: October 3, 2019
Updated: November 15, 2019
"I do yoga sometimes, Pilates, kind of switch it up because your body gets used to the same exercises so you have to trick it every six to three months." -Halle Berry
Picture of Halle Berry with the words Fitness Inspiration

These are some new Instagram and Twitter fitness inspiration images of Halle Berry for the month of November!

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry's supremely toned and fit physique is the result of her dedication to diet and exercise. In order to get in shape, you need a consistent, dedicated approach and that is probably the biggest challenge to body-shaping. This is where a certified personal trainer can play a vital role. Peter Lee Thomas is Halle Berry's trainer, and she credits him for having a postive impact on her health and fitness success.

This video slideshow of high quality images highlights Halle Berry's elite figure.

Halle Berry and trainer Peter Lee Thomas answer questions about health and fitness, as a part of a series on IGTV.

Halle Berry was born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Los Angeles, California in 1989. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the 2001 movie Monster's Ball.

Halle Berry's trainer Peter Lee Thomas posted this picture to Intagram, clearly showing that he practices what he preaches.

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