Pictures of Celebrity Makeup Beauty - Eyes, Eyelashes, Eyebrows

Picture of Kim Kardashian eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows
Celebrity Detective Steve

By Celebrity Detective Steve

Here we take a very close look at dazzling celebrity makeup beauty enhancements for eyelids, eyesbrows, and eyelashes. See rare up-close examples of how celebrities enhance their eye beauty! Note: The most recent additions are posted at the top of the list.

Kaia Gerber / Lily Chee / Lilyan Cole / Lexi Jayde / Athena Katoanga / Carrie Stevens / Megan Thee Stallion / Molly Sims / Claudia Schiffer / Sasha Luss / Brooke Burke / Halima Aden / Charli XCX / Iggy Azalea / Willow Smith / Madison Beer / Evanna Lynch / Sofia Vergara / Hailey Baldwin / Jhene Aiko / Janelle Monae / Emily Osment / Coco Jones / Olivia Holt / Peyton List / Dove Cameron / Lauren Lapkus / Amy Adams / Joey King / Sierra McCormick / Lizzo / Christina Milian / Jenny McCarthy / Emma Watson / Emma Stone / Emily Blunt / Carly Pearce / Dinah Jane Hansen / Mila Kunis / Gwyneth Paltrow / Nelly Furtado / Christina Aguilera / Katy Perry / Lady Gaga (early years: 2009-2010) / Lady Gaga (10 wallpaper images for Nexus 6P) / Maria Sharapova / Celine Dion / Britney Spears / Katie Holmes / Victoria Justice / Lady Gaga / Michelle Pfeiffer / Beyonce / Hailee Steinfeld / Kiernan Shipka / Sarah Bolger / Shailene Woodley / Rachel Hunter / Demi Lovato / Bella Thorne / Gwen Stefani / Nicki Minaj /

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Elle Fanning / Selena Gomez / Dakota Johnson / Blake Lively / Brie Larson / Dakota Fanning / Zendaya / Kristin Cavallari / Charlize Theron / Vanessa Hudgens / Jessica Biel / Megan Fox / Penelope Cruz / Dua Lipa / Kelly Ripa / Jennifer Aniston / Emma Chamberlain / Angelina Jolie / Ariana Grande / Camila Cabello / Khloe Kardashia / Jennifer Lopez / Mariah Carey / Kelly Clarkson / Scarlett Johansson / Taylor Swift / Kim Kardashian /

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Picture of Kim Kardashian eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows

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