The Lake Season 2 Prime Video Series News | Preview Trailer, Release Date, Actors, Summary

May 31, 2023

A fireworks accident is one of the many challenges facing the crew in season 2 of Prime Video's series The Lake. Watch the preview trailer, learn the release date, actors, summary and more.

The release date for season 2 of The Lake is Friday, June 9 on Prime Video.

This is a picture of Jordan Gavaris and Summer Monet Finley starring in the 2023 movie The Lake

The Lake Summary

Justin is filled with determination to make this summer an unforgettable one. However, his grand plan takes an unexpected turn when his fireworks cause the boathouse to explode. Despite being blamed by everyone around him, Justin knows deep down that he is innocent. Now, he embarks on a mission to prove his innocence and clear his name. Meanwhile, Maisy's mother, Mimsy, arrives to spend her "last" summer with the family. In the midst of all this, Billie finds herself encountering two individuals who have the potential to disrupt her summer plans. First, she meets a captivating tree planter who sparks her interest. Simultaneously, she crosses paths with a passionate climate activist who threaten to blow up her summer too.

The Lake Starring Actors

  • Jordan Gavaris as Justin
  • Julia Stiles as Maisy-May
  • Declan Whaley as Opal Lin
  • Madison Shamoun as Billie
  • Terry Chen as Victor
  • Travis Nelson as Riley
  • Natalie Lisinska as Jayne
  • Jon Dore as Wayne
  • Carolyn Scott as Ulrika
  • Bill Lake as Horny Henderson
  • Alison Lawrence as Whoreen
  • Jenny Young as Claire Henderson
  • Emily Roman as Jeri Moore
  • Kaitlyn Bernard as Keri Moore
  • Julia Lalonde as Olive
  • Brielle Robillard as Teri Moore

Preview Trailer

Below is the official preview trailer that was released by Prime Video on May 16, 2023.

Just days before the premiere of season 2, Jordan Gavaris and Julia Stiles compete in this friendship challenge video posted to Prime Video Canada's Twitter (link).

Jordan Gavaris is best known for his role as Felix Dawkins in the sci-fi thriller series Orphan Black which premiered in 2013 and ran for four years on BBC America and Space tv.

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