The Age of Influence 2023 Hulu Docuseries News | Preview Trailer, Release Date, Summary

May 29, 2023

The Age of Influence Hulu original ducuseries examines some of the influencers that have found themselves on the dark side of fame. Watch the preview trailer, learn the release date, starring actors, summary and more.

The release date for The Age of Influence is Monday, June 5 on Hulu.

This is a picture of Danielle Miller in the 2023 Hulu docuseries The Age of Influence

The Age of Influence Summary

In the eye-opening six episode docuseries The Age of Influence, the underbelly of influencer culture is brought to light, shedding a critical spotlight on some of the most significant social media scandals of our time. Delving into the stories behind sweeping cons and viral cancellation campaigns, the film unravels the intricate web of influence and the consequences faced by influential individuals when their carefully crafted online personas clash with reality.

Features influencers Danielle Miller, Jay Mazini, Emily Gellis, Tyler Bauman, Machelle Hobson, and Tracii Hutsona.

The Age of Influence Preview and Full Trailer

Below is the preview released by Hulu.

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