Outlander Season 7 2023 Starz Series News Update | Preview, Episode Clips, Actors, Summary

June 1, 2023

The STARZ drama series Outlander returns for its 7th season. Watch the preview trailer, episode clips, learn the release date, starring actors, summary and more.

Catch the premiere of Outlander season 7 on Friday, June 16, 2023 on STARZ.

This is a picture of Sam Heughan and Caitríona Balfe starring in the 2023 series Outlander Season 7

Outlander Season 7 Summary

In the heart-pounding seventh season of Outlander, Jamie and Young Ian race against time to rescue Claire from a wrongful murder conviction. But their mission is complicated by the arrival of a geopolitical firestorm: The American Revolution. As armies march to war and British institutions crumble, the Frasers must navigate the perils of a nation in violent birth pains. To protect what they’ve built, they must leave it behind and face impossible decisions that threaten to tear their family apart. As the conflict draws them into the heart of the fight for independence, Jamie, Claire, Brianna, and Roger must choose between love and duty in a world forever changed.

Season 7 Starring Actors

  • Caitríona Balfe as Claire Fraser
  • Sam Heughan as James "Jamie" Fraser
  • Graham McTavish as Dougal MacKenzie
  • Steven Cree as Ian Murray
  • Nell Hudson as Laoghaire MacKenzie
  • Richard Rankin as Roger MacKenzie
  • Sophie Skelton as Brianna "Bree" Fraser MacKenzie

Outlander Season 7 Preview

Below are two episode clips from season 7 released on June 1, 2023, followed by the official preview that was released on May 11, 2023.

Episode Clip: Good Luck

Episode Clip: Jamie's Dreams

Official Preview

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