Nightmare Pageant Moms 2023 Lifetime Movie News | Preview Trailer Video, Release Date, Starring Actors, Summary

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May 15, 2023

Brittney Q. Hill, Summer Monet Finley, and Gina Simms star in the 2023 Lifetime movie Nightmare Pageant Moms. Watch the preview video, learn the starring actors, release date, summary and more about this movie.

The release date for Nightmare Pageant Moms is Thursday, May 25, 2023 on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN).

This is a picture of Brittney Q. Hill and Summer Monet Finley starring in the 2023 movie Nightmare Pageant Moms

Nightmare Pageant Moms Summary

When Emilia and her daughter Sophie find themselves in a difficult financial situation, they stumble upon an unconventional solution to pay for Sophie’s college education - participating in a regional Mother-Daughter beauty pageant with a substantial scholarship prize. However, they soon discover that their competition is fierce and ruthless, as a rival mother-daughter duo is willing to go to extreme and dangerous lengths to secure the coveted crown.

Directed by Linden Ashby, written by Melissa Cassera.

Nightmare Pageant Moms Starring Actors

  • Brittney Q. Hill - Emilia
  • Summer Monet Finley - Sophie
  • Gina Simms - Adeline
  • Rachel Walters - Lilliana
  • Isabelle Almoyan - Mia
  • Muretta Moss - Darcy
  • Jillian Walzer - Faye
  • Tatiana Le'Joy - Tatum
  • Hope Blackstock - Mackenzie
  • Christine Oswald - Scarlett
  • Liz DeCoudres - Roberta
  • Sallie Glaner - Rebecca
  • Sharonne Lanier - Vanessa

Preview Trailer Video

Gina Simms On Social Media

Gina Simms has shared messages about the movie that includes the movie poster and a behind the scenes picture:

May 2023 Movies on Lifetime

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Brittney Q. Hill 2023 Roles

Brittney Q. Hill has also completed work on another movie that will be released in 2023. Brittney Q. The LA-based actress will star as Pam in the upcoming 2023 Lifetime movie The Kept Mistress Killer, however, a release date has yet to be confirmed for this movie.

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