My Husband's Worst Mistake 2023 Lifetime Movie News | Official Preview Video, Movie Poster, Release Date, Starring Cast, Plot

June 11, 2023

My Husband's Worst Mistake is an upcoming Lifetime Movie Network thriller. Watch the official preview video, see the official movie poster, learn the premiere, see the official movie poster, learn the premiere date, starring cast, plot and more about this movie starring Sarah Cleveland, Matt Wells, Scott Gibson, and Jinesea Bianca Lewis.

The premiere date is Thusday, June 22, 2023 at 8:00 PM East/7:00 PM Central on Lifetime Movie Network.

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My Husband's Worst Mistake Plot

In this thriller, Brad Collins is deeply devoted to his wife Amy and their marriage appears picture-perfect. However, as time goes on, Brad's love for Amy turns into an unhealthy obsession, leading him to become increasingly controlling. The couple's relationship takes a tragic turn when Brad discovers that Amy had an affair with a coworker. Devastated by this revelation, Brad confronts Amy, resulting in a big fight. In the heat of the moment, Amy pushes Brad, and he instinctively reacts by pushing her back, causing her to fall and fatally hit her head. This accidental act of violence leaves Brad shattered, realizing that he has unintentionally taken the life of the person he cherished the most.

My Husband's Worst Mistake Confirmed Starring Cast

  • Matt Wells as Kent
  • Sarah Cleveland as Sarah
  • Derick Agyemang as Joe
  • Angelica Alejandro as Carly
  • Sophie Gendron as Jackie
  • Bert Cardozo as Miguel
  • Camille Blott as Lucy
  • Amanda Cheung as Madison
  • Nicole Moller as Donna
  • Jinesea Bianca Lewis as Amy
  • Ash Catherwood as Detective Phillips
  • Scott Gibson as Brad

My Husband's Worst Mistake Preview Video

This is the official preview video for My Husband's Worst Mistake. Note that the original title was Threats From The Inside

Movie Poster

Below is the official movie poster from My Husband's Worst Mistake that Sarah Cleveland has posted to Instagram (@sarahcleveland).

This is an image from the movie My Husband's Worst Mistake

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