Make Me a Match 2023 Movie News | Starring Actors, Synopsis, Behind the Scenes

Update: June 15, 2023

Hallmark Channel has released a sneak peek video for Make Me a Match. Watch the new preview video, sneak peek video, learn the starring actors, and see behind the scenes pictures.

Premiere date: Saturday, June 24, 2023 at 8:00 PM East/7:00 PM Central.

This is a picture of Rushi Kota and Eva Bourne

Make Me a Match Synopsis

Vivi is a hopeless romantic who works at a matchmaking app that uses algorithms to find love connections. But when she realizes that the app's success rate is low, she hires Raina, an experienced Indian matchmaker, to help improve their results. As Vivi and Raina work together, Vivi meets Raina's charming and spontaneous son, Bhumesh, and starts to question whether love is something that can be engineered or if it should be left to chance.

Directed by Heather Hawthorn Doyle, written by Nikhil S. Jayaram.

Make Me a Match Confirmed Starring Actors

    • Rushi Kota - Bhumesh
    • Eva Bourne - Vivi
    • Rekha Sharma - Raina
    • Sean Yves Lessard - Adam Yantzy
    • Darien Martin
    • Moheb Jindran - Venky
    • Sophia Biling - Venkys daughter
    • Nipun Joshi - Arvind
    • Nitin Prasad
    • Alex Pychtin
    • Janelle Beadall


    Sneak Peek

    Make Me a Match Behind the Scenes

    Rushi Kota, Heather Hawthorn Doyle, and Eva Bourne shared messages to Instagram with behind the scenes photos and videos from the set.

    Make Me a Match is part of Hallmark Channel's June Weddings 2023 Movies programming block of new movies that will air each Saturday night at 8:00 PM for the entire month. Wedding Season starring Stephanie Bennett and Casey Deidrick will premiere June 3; Loves Greek to Me starring Torrey DeVitto and Yannis Tsimitseli will premiere June 10; The Wedding Contract starring Becca Tobin and Jake Epstein will premiere June 17; and Make Me a Match starring Roshi Kota and Eva Bourne will premiere June 24.

    Below is the preview for Hallmark Channel's June Weddings.

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