Make Over $500 a Week Performing Arts Montclair, NJ

June 09, 2023

Pushcart Players is paying over $500 a week to performers for their 2023-2024 season. Get the complete details including what requirements you will need to succeed.

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Complete Detials

Pushcart Players is seeking actors and performers for their 2023-24 Season. Key people include Paul Whelihan, the producing artistic director, and Ellen Beattie, the education and outreach director.

Pushcart Players brings performing arts to children and families across the country. The season includes productions such as "Cuentos Del Arbol", "Kalien the Alien", "Lift Every Voice", "Peter and The Wolf", and "Velveteen Rabbit".

Artists will be engaged from September 2023 to June 2024. The pay is $550.25 per week under an Equity TYA Contract. Auditions will be held in Montclair, NJ.

Pushcart Players is currently in search of talented actors, both male and female, who possess exceptional singing and dancing abilities, along with the versatility to portray diverse characters. It is essential that the actors have daytime and weekday availability and are willing to take on the dual role of actor and assistant stage manager (ASM). While there will be occasional short-term tours outside of Verona, NJ, these will primarily consist of day tours from a central location. Actor/ASMs will have the opportunity to perform multiple roles across different productions, each with their own unique opening dates throughout the season.

The Following Roles are Available:

  • Player One: male identifying, various roles, Hispanic, 20 to 40, tenor
  • Player Two: male identifying, various roles, Hispanic, 20 to 50, baritone
  • Player Three: Female identifying, various roles, Hispanic, 20 to 40, soprano
  • Player Four: Female identifying, various roles, Hispanic, 20 to 50, alto
  • Player Five: male identifying, able to present as a 12 year old boy, African American, tenor
  • Player Six: Female identifying, late 20s-40s, African American, alto/mezzo
  • Player Seven: female identifying, late 30s-early 50s, Caucasian, alto/mezzo
  • Player Eight: female identifying, late 20s, Asian, soprano
  • Player Nine: male identifying, late 20s to 40s, Asian, lyric baritone/tenor
  • Player Ten: male identifying, 20s-30s, Caucasian, tenor
  • Player Eleven: male identifying, 30s-40s, any race or ethnicity baritone
  • Player Twelve: female identifying, 30s-40s Caucasian tenor

Above performers should be fluent in Spanish and English.

You can apply for these jobs at Backstage.

Pushcart Players in Action

This video from Pushcart Players offers a good look at what their performances deliver.

Good luck!

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