What Are Juliana Davies Most Recent Movies?

American actress Juliana Davies is on the rise. Here you can learn about her most recent movies and see the official trailers.

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What Are Juliana Davies Most Recent Movies?

Juliana Davies most recent movies are Insidious: The Red Door (2023 ), Bibi (2023), She Came from the Woods (2022), Simchas and Sorrows (2022), and Rediscovering Christmas (2019).

Insidious: The Red Door - 2023

Plot: To finally rid themselves of their demons, Josh Lambert and his college-aged son, Dalton, venture deeper into The Further than ever before. They confront their family's dark history and face a horrifying array of new terrors lurking behind the ominous red door.


  • Ty Simpkins - Dalton Lambert
  • Patrick Wilson - Josh Lambert
  • Rose Byrne - Renai Lambert
  • Lin Shaye - Elise
  • Andrew Astor - Foster Lambert
  • Hiam Abbass - Juliana Davies
  • Sinclair Daniel - Peter Dager


Bibi - 2023

Plot: In a secluded mansion, Bibi and her daughter live with the haunting memories of Bibi's sister's mysterious death that occurred within the house years ago. As they grapple with their deepening fear and paranoia, the unsettling truth about the tragic event is finally unveiled, exposing a long-held secret that has haunted them for years.


  • J.M. Longoria - Ben Solis
  • Omar Leyva - Ernesto Solis
  • Adriana Barraza - Licha Mendoza
  • Jake Ferree - Steve Hill
  • Nelson Estevez - Ariel Saenz


She Came from the Woods - 2022

Plot: In this homage to '80s horror, a group of camp counselors accidentally unleashes an ancient evil on the final night of summer camp. As chaos and violence ensue, the staff of Camp Briarbrook must confront which stories are worth telling and which secrets are worth protecting.


  • Cara Buono - Heather McCalister
  • Clare Foley - Lauren Davis
  • Spencer List - Peter McCalister
  • William Sadler - Gilbert McCalister
  • Michael Park - Officer Matthews
  • Tyler Elliot Burke - Shawn McCalister
  • Adam Weppler - Dylan
  • Ehad Berisha - Mike


Simchas and Sorrows - 2022

Plot: An atheist actress embarks on a journey to convert to Judaism so she can marry the man she loves.


  • Genevieve Adams - Agnes
  • Hari Nef - Rabbi Cohen
  • Thomas McDonell - Levi
  • Luke Forbes - Everett
  • John Cullum - Nate
  • Julie Halston - Maude
  • Chip Zien - Mortimer
  • Annelise Cepero - Glaucia
  • Billy Calder - Abe


Rediscovering Christmas - 2019

Plot: Mia, a talented window designer from Boston, travels to her family's hometown in Connecticut to assist her sister in creating decorations for the annual Snowflake Festival Christmas Eve dance. Along the way, she finds herself at odds with, and eventually drawn to, the stubborn yet kind-hearted Adam, whose grandparents founded the cherished festival six decades ago.


  • Jessica Lowndes - Mia
  • Jessica Walter - Mrs. Barrington
  • Mark Famiglietti - John
  • Justine Cotsonas - Sara
  • David Naughton - Harry
  • B.J. Britt - Adam
  • Dierdre Friel - Clare
  • Cheryl Freeman - Kate


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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 646-504-1505

Stewart Talent Agency New York
1430 Broadway Suite 1513
New York, NY 10018

Phone: (212) 315-5505

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