Drama Movie Eternal Oath Starring Margarita Reyes Has 2023 Filming Start Date

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Update: May 15, 2023

Filming is set to begin soon for the drama movie Eternal Oath starring Margarita Reyes. Get up to date on all of the important details including the cast and movie plot.

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The filming start date for Eternal Oath is set for Friday, June 9 in Los Angeles, according to the movie's director Mike Breyer who shared the information to Instagram. Breyer will also star in the movie.

Eternal Oath Cast

  • Margarita Reyes as Loredana
  • Robyn Von Arx as Phaidra
  • Charles Arthur Berg as Zebalion
  • Mike Breyer as Brasheer
  • Mustafa Haidari as Zok
  • Kathryn Melton as Celosia
  • Jamal Lloyd Johnson as Vathrait
  • Adra Janean Fenstermaker as Kentura
  • Lynne Newton as Sicumpt
  • DH Lewis as Vesper
  • Christine Lozano as Ravette
  • Wonnie Short as Dublique
  • Jessica Rian as Feronia
  • Julio Leal as Flowing Riverhawk
  • Frank Perry as Kaz London
  • Casey VanRyan as Lafonte
  • Robert Waldman as Lazarus
  • Patrice Danyelle Driver as Nakaino
  • Joseph T. May as Konquill
  • Greg A. Moore as Vlight
  • Winston M. Bennet as Dregan
  • Jason Washington as Ciro
  • Mizo Ghendar as Demidicus
  • Meejie Chaparro-Traverso as Seascape
  • Eternal Oath Plot

    In Eternal Oath, an ancient clan of vampires dedicate themselves to protecting humans from the malevolent forces of evil vampires when they take a sacred vow to remain in the light. But one day that challenge is compromised.

    Margarita Reyes in 2023

    Veteran actress Margarita Reyes has already filmed roles for three movie in 2023: the drama Do You Want to Die in Indio? as Marina; a small role in the drama Gunner that will star Morgan Freeman and Luke Hemsworth; and the crime thriller Road to Terzetto as Maria.

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