a Cobweb 2023 Movie News Update | Official Preview Trailer Video, Summary, Main Characters

Cobweb 2023 Movie News Update | Official Preview Trailer Video, Summary, Main Characters

June 27, 2023

In Cobweb, Woody Norman stars as an eight year old who loses trust in his parents while enduring a bizarre tapping sound in his bedroom. Get up-to-date on the latest developments for this movie, watch the official preview trailer video, learn the release date and more.

The release date for Cobweb is Friday, July 21.

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Cobweb Summary

An eight-year-old boy named Peter is troubled by a mysterious tapping sound coming from inside his bedroom. His parents insist that it’s just his imagination, but Peter’s fear grows as he begins to suspect that they may be hiding something dangerous from him. The thought of not being able to trust his own parents increaes his fear.

Main Characters

  • Woody Norman - Peter
  • Lizzy Caplan - Carol
  • Antony Starr - Mark
  • Cleopatra Coleman - Miss Devine
  • Anton Kottas - Timothy
  • Luke Busey - Brian
  • Jay Rincon - Principal Miller
  • Steffanie Sampson - Brian's Mom

Directed by Samuel Bodin, screenplay by Chris Thomas Devlin.

Official Preview Trailer Video

This is the official preview video for Cobweb released by Lionsgate Movies.

On Social Media

Woody Norman shared the Cobweb movie poster to Instagram on June 14, 2023. Woody Norman's message includes the preview trailer and the message from Mark Duplass includes information about an upcoming sneak screening and Q&A with the stars.

How to Contact Woody Norman

If you wish to contact Woody Norman, the following is information for his talent agent.

Sylvia Young Agency
1 Nutford Place
London W1H 5YZ
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 7723 0037

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