A Lifelong Love 2023 Hallmark Movie News | Preview Trailer Video, Release Date, Summary, Starring Actors

June 23, 2023

Andrea Brooks and Patch May star in the new romance movie A Lifelong Love. Get up-to-date on the latest developments for this Hallmark original movie. Watch the preview and a scene from the movie, learn the release date, behind the scenes, complete starring actors list and more.

The release date for A Lifelong Love is Friday, July 21 at 9:00 PM East/8:00 PM Central on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.

This is an image of Christopher from A Lifelong Love 2023 Movie with text that reads A Lifelong Love

A Lifelong Love Plot

Annika embarks on a heartwarming quest to reunite her grandfather with his long-lost love. In her mission, she teams up with her college sweetheart, Ryan, to create a heartfelt book that captures the emotional journey. As they traverse through various encounters and experiences, they document a collection of captivating love stories that touch the hearts of all involved.

Directed by Wes Miller.

A Lifelong Love Starring Actors

  • Andrea Brooks - Annika
  • Patch May - Ryan
  • John B. Lowe - Gilly
  • Averie Peters - Ellie
  • Michael Strickland - Rory
  • Dutchess Cayetano - Luisa
  • Solange Sookram - Tia
  • Tom Young - Abe
  • Judith Harper - Ruth

A Lifelong Love Preview Video

Hallmark Channel has released the preview video and a scene from the movie and you can watch below.

Andrea Brooks has posted behind the scenes pictures from the movie to Instagram (@andreakbrooks). The first picture below shows Andrea Brooks and Patch May.

This is an image from A Lifelong Love.
This is an image from A Lifelong Love.
This is an image from A Lifelong Love.
andreakbrooks Thanks for all the memories, Winnipeg. Had an absolute blast on this one! 🎬 Details soooon! ❤️

Hallmark has more movies premiering in July to look forward to. A Royal Christmas Crush July 8; Take Me Back for Christmas July 15; and Aloha Heart July 29.

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