The Surrogate Scandal 2023 Lifetime Movie News | Official Preview Official Preview Trailer, Premiere Date, Cast, Plot

Update: March 01, 2023

The premiere date for The Surrogate Scandal has been released. Watch the official preview trailer, learn the plot and much more about this 2023 Lifetime drama movie.

This movie stars Catherine Dyer as Amelia Davis, a mother who is devastated when she learns that her estranged daughter has died in childbirth, but that's only the beginning of her new journey.

The premiere date is Friday, March 12 at 8:00/7:00 PM Central.

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The Surrogate Scandal Plot

Amelia Davis is devastated to hear the news of her estranged daughter Beth's death during childbirth. Though she is eager to take care of her granddaughter, she discovers that Beth was acting as a surrogate for celebrity couple Grace and Alex Hardy. Amelia becomes suspicious about the situation of Beth's death and is determined to establish her position as the baby's grandmother. To investigate the surrogacy and uncover the truth, Amelia disguises herself as a nanny and infiltrates the adoptive family. However, she soon realizes that there are others who are also interested in the baby.

The Surrogate Cast

  • Catherine Dyer
  • Luisa d'Oliveira
  • Matthew Dowden
  • Christine Milo
  • Veronica Long

Directed by Amanda J. Strachan. Written by Vicky L. Neal.

The Surrogate Official Preview Video

Imoto Productions has released a preview video on Vimeo and you can watch it here: (Link)

Other March 2023 movie premieres on Lifetime are Black Girl Missing (March 4), A Lifeguard's Obsession (March 10), Girl in the Closet (March 11), Nanny Dearest (March 17), The Hillsdale Adoption Scam (March 18), House of Deady Lies (March 19), Twisted Sister (March 24), Every Breath She Takes (March 25).

Catherine Dyer is best known for her supporting roles in various popular television shows and movies. One of her most well-known roles is in the hit Netflix science fiction series Stranger Things, where she portrayed the character of Agent Connie Frazier. She has appeared in the popular television shows, The Walking Dead, The Originals, and Nashville.

Catherine Dyer has also appeared in several movies. She had a small role in the epic 2018 Marvel Cinematic Universe film Black Panther, as well as in the 2019 horror movie Doctor Sleep. Some of her other notable films include The Blind Side, The Founder, and The Leisure Seeker.

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