The Holiday Proposal Plan 2023 Lifetime Movie Preview and News | Starring Tatyana Ali, Jesse Kove

Travel columnist Sonny Kravitz (Tatyana Ali) and her ex-boyfriend Kip (Jesse Kove) team up to help their friends get engaged at a snowy chalet, rekindling unexpected romance in the 2023 original Lifetime movie 'The Holiday Proposal Plan'. Premieres on Lifetime, Saturday, December 16, 2023, at 8:00 PM Eastern.

This is an image from the new Lifetime movie


Amidst the picturesque backdrop of a snowy chalet, travel columnist Sonny Kravitz (Tatyana Ali) and her ex-boyfriend Kip (Jesse Kove) embark on a mission to rekindle the spark between their best friends, Bree (Whitney Able) and Jarod (Geovanni Gopradi). To ignite Jarod's romantic spirit, Sonny and Kip devise a plan to celebrate twelve holiday traditions from around the world, hoping to inspire a proposal from the hesitant Jarod. However, as they immerse themselves in festive festivities, old flames begin to flicker, and Sonny and Kip find themselves questioning their own romantic past.

Lifetime has released this promotional photo for the movie:

This is an image from the new Lifetime movie

Preview Video

Below is the official trailer video. You can also watch the video directly at YouTube (link).

Movie Poem

In the snowy chalet, under the holiday's glow,
Sonny and Kip, with a love they used to know.
Helping friends Bree and Jarod, in love so deep,
Crafting a proposal, a promise to keep.

Twelve traditions around the world, so bright,
A backdrop for Jarod, to ask his delight.
But as the plan unfolds, under the starry night,
Old flames rekindle, burning ever so bright.

Will Sonny and Kip, find their love anew?
In the holiday magic, will their love come through?
A tale of love, friendship, and holiday cheer,
In the snowy chalet, love is ever so near.

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