The Hill 2023 Movie Stars Dennis Quaid, Scott Glenn, Colin Ford, Joelle Carter

June 2, 2023

The drama movie The Hill based on a true story is coming soon! Among the many stars of the film are Dennis Quaid, Scott Glenn, Colin Ford, Joelle Carter. Learn the complete list of starring actors, watch the official trailer and much more.

The premiere date is Friday, August 25 in theaters.

This is a picture from The Hill

The Hill 2023 Movie Stars

These are the stars of the new season:
  • Dennis Quaid - James Hill
  • Colin Ford - Rickey Hill
  • Scott Glenn - Red Murff
  • Bonnie Bedelia - Gram
  • Joelle Carter - Helen Hill
  • Adrian Eppley - Mariah
  • Mila Harris - Young Gracie
  • Wilbur Fitzgerald - Josh Meyers
  • James Devoti - Earl Shantz
  • Mark Rowe - Chuck Calhoun
  • Monica Louwerens - Patsy Shantz
  • Jesse Berry - Young Rickey Hill

The Hill Summary

In a small town in Texas, a young boy named Rickey Hill grows up in poverty. Despite being burdened by leg braces due to a degenerative spinal disease, Rickey shows an extraordinary talent for hitting a baseball. His stern father, a pastor played by Dennis Quaid, discourages him from playing the game to protect him from injury and to steer him towards becoming a preacher like himself. But as Rickey grows into a young man, played by Colin Ford, he becomes a baseball sensation. His burning desire to try out for a legendary major league scout causes a rift in his family and puts his dream of playing professional baseball at risk.

Directed by Jeff Celentano. Written by Scott Marshall Smith and Angelo Pizzo.

The Hill Preview

Below is the official preview for The Hill.

Directer Jeff Celentano posted this heart-felt message to Instagram that includes the official poster for The Hill.

This is a picture from The Hill
directorjeffcelentano "The Hill” opens wide soon. Coming to a theatre near you August 18th 2023. My 15 year project got a wide theatrical release starring Dennis Quaid, Colin Ford,Scott Glenn, Joelle Carter, Randy Houser(country singer) Bonnie Bedelia, Siena Bjornerud, Mason Gillette, Hailey Bithell and introducing Jesse Berry. I am so proud of this film I can’t describe in words. The press campaign is just beginning - look out for it. Thank you to everyone that was involved in helping me get this to the big screen!"

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