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Danica McKellar and David Haydn-Jones star in Swing Into Romance as former dancer Christine Sims and her ex-fiancé. Will they rekindle their love and save her family's General Store? Premieres Saturday, October 7, 8:00 PM / 7:00 PM Central on Great American Family.

This is a picture of Danica McKellar and David Haydn-Jones starring in the 2023 movie Swing Into Romance


In Swing Into Romance, former dancer Christine Sims (Danica McKellar) returns to her hometown just in time for the Fall Festival. However, she soon discovers that her family’s General Store is in trouble. Determined to save the business, Christine must dust off her dancing shoes and face her ex-fiancé (David Haydn-Jones). As she navigates the challenges of running the store and reconnecting with her past, Christine finds herself on a journey of self-discovery and maybe even a chance at love. Directed by Bradley Walsh and written by Marcy Holland, Swing Into Romance is a heartwarming tale about second chances, the power of community, and the joy of dance.

Official Movie Trailer

This is the official Swing Into Romance trailer that was released by Great American Family.

Movie Poem

Danica dances with grace, David brings a smile to her face.
In “Swing Into Romance,” they reunite,
Their chemistry shining oh so bright.

A tale of love and second chances,
Dancing through life’s many dances.
Together they'll save the store,
And maybe find love once more.

Their steps are light,
their hearts are true,
In this charming film just for you.
Danica and David steal the show,
In “Swing Into Romance,” let love grow!

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