Notes of Autumn 2023 Hallmark Movie News | Starring Actors, Official Trailer, Summary

Can swapping lives lead to unexpected love and newfound passions? Join Ashley Williams as Ellie and Luke Macfarlane as Leo in the heartwarming Hallmark Channel original movie, Notes of Autumn. Premieres September 16, 8:00 PM East/7:00 PM Central on Hallmark Channel.

This is a picture of Ashley Williams as Ellie and Luke Macfarlane starring in the 2023 movie Notes of Autumn


In Notes of Autumn, directed by Troy Scott and written by Rick Garman, Ashley Williams portrays Ellie, a city-dwelling pianist who has long abandoned her musical dreams. Luke Macfarlane plays Leo, a renowned writer grappling with writer's block in the rustic landscapes of British Columbia. Frustrated with their lives, they decide to exchange places, leading to comical disorientation.

As Ellie immerses herself in helping Leo's neighbor, Sam, organize a local fundraiser musical performance, Leo finds inspiration to write something truly profound through his newfound friendship with Ellie's friend, Matt. Amidst the colorful backdrop of the autumn season, these unexpected connections evolve into deep, meaningful relationships, challenging both Ellie and Leo to reevaluate where their hearts truly belong. Notes of Autumn is a heartwarming tale of self-discovery, love, and the transformative power of change.

Also starring Marcus Rosner as Sam and Peter Porte as Matt.

Movie Photos, Official Trailer

Hallmark Channel now has a photo gallery with dozens of pictures from Notes of Autumn. (Link)

Notes of Autumn Official Trailer and Movie Scene

Movie Scene

Movie Poem

In "Notes of Autumn," their story takes flight,
Ashley and Luke, in each other's sight.
Piano keys and words they share,
A love blossoms beyond compare.

Through autumn's hues, their hearts entwine,
In a world so different, yet so divine.
Ellie and Leo, an unlikely pair,
Found love in the crisp autumn air.

Their friendship bloomed, their passions stirred,
In this heartfelt tale, their voices heard.
In "Notes of Autumn," love's sweet dove,
Ashley and Luke find their notes of love.

Notes of Autumn is part of Hallmark Channel's Fall Into Love programming block. Below is the complete movie list with each movie's premiere date.

Love in the Great Smoky Mountains: A National Park Romance (September 2)
Fourth Down and Love (September 9).
Notes of Autumn (September 16). Notes of Autumn (September 16)
Retreat to You (September 23)
A Very Venice Romance (September 30)
3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost (October 7)
Field Day (October 14)

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