yout New Hallmark Channel Movies Premiering in March 2024

New Hallmark Channel Movies Premiering in March 2024

Get all of the important facts about new Hallmark Channel movies that will air in March 2024. Learn the movie names, starring actors, plot, premiere date and more about these all new original movies. Also listed will be new movies coming to Hallmark Channel's sister channel Hallmark Mystery.

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Crimes of Fashion: Killer Clutch

Premieres Thursday, March 15 at 9:00 PM East (Hallmark Mystery)

An American psychologist finds herself in an unexpected role when she’s hired to coach a renowned fashion designer. However, her job takes a dramatic turn when a murder occurs backstage at a high-profile Paris fashion show. Teaming up with a reserved French detective, they delve into a world of glamour and secrets, unraveling a list of fashionable suspects.

The official Hallmark Mystery media page for Crimes of Fashion: Killer Clutch is here.

Starring Actors

  • Brooke D'Orsay
  • Gilles Marini

Official Trailer

Shifting Gears

Premieres Saturday, March 23 at 8:00 PM East (Hallmark Channel)

Jess, a talented female mechanic, finds herself in an unexpected situation when she hesitantly joins a car restoration show. To her surprise, she discovers that her main rival is none other than her ex-boyfriend, Luke.

The official Hallmark Channel media page for Shifting Gears is here.

Shifting Gears Starring Actors

  • Tyler Hynes
  • Katherine Barrell
The director of Shifting Gears, noted scream queen actress Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe, will be making her directorial debut. The following are messages she has shared to Instagram about the movie:

Official Trailer

Below is the official trailer video for Shifting Gears.

An Easter Bloom

Premieres Saturday, March 30 at 8:00 PM East (Hallmark Channel)

A young and passionate gardener embarks on a mission to rescue her family’s farm. She decides to participate in an Easter floral competition, hoping that the prize money could save their farm from financial distress. During her journey, she crosses paths with a local pastor. His wisdom and kindness help her rediscover the hope she had lost amidst her struggles. As they work together towards a common goal, their bond deepens, adding a heartwarming layer of friendship and support to her journey.

The official Hallmark Channel media page for An Easter Bloom is here.

Easter Bloom Starring Actors

  • Aimeé Teegarden
  • Benjamin Hollingsworth

Official Trailer

Below is the official trailer video for An Easter Bloom.

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