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In the 2023 Lifetime original two-part movie, Bill Pullman stars as Alex Murdaugh, a rather abusive father to son Paul (Curtis Tweedier) and cold husband to Maggie (Lauren Robek). What happens when secrets unravel? Part one premieres Saturday, October 14, 2023 at 8:00 PM East/7:00 PM Central.
This is a picture of Bill Pullman as Ellie and Lauren K. Robek starring in the 2023 movie Murdaugh Murders - Movie


Murdaugh Murders: The Movie is a gripping true story of Alex Murdaugh (Bill Pullman), who was found guilty in the double homicide of his wife, Maggie, and his son, Paul. For over 100 years, the wealthy and powerful Murdaugh Family were a local dynasty in the South Carolina low country. However, behind all the power and fancy dresses, Alex had many secrets. Even with all of Alex’s influence, he couldn’t prevent The Murdaugh Family’s legacy from being tarnished after Paul was involved in a boating accident that left a young girl dead. As the story unfolds, Alex’s indiscretions and lies begin to surface, eventually unraveling his once charmed life. Directed by Greg Beeman and written by Michael Vickerman.

Official Preview

Murdaugh Murders - Movie Official Preview

Movie Poem

In South Carolina's low country,
The Murdaughs reigned supreme,
A wealthy family with power,
Their legacy seemed like a dream.

But behind the fancy dresses,
Alex had secrets to keep,
And when his son, Paul, was involved in a crash,
The truth began to seep.

For over a hundred years,
The Murdaughs had their sway,
But with Paul's indiscretions,
Their legacy began to sway.

Bill Pullman plays Alex Murdaugh,
Lauren Robek is his wife,
Together they must face the truth,
And the consequences of their life.

So gather 'round, and listen close,
To the story of the Murdaughs,
A family once so powerful,
Now brought to their knees by their flaws.

Lifetime will also premiere more original thriller movies in October, including:

  • Secrets in the Desert - premieres Sunday, October 1
  • Buying Back my Daughter - premieres Saturday, October 7.
  • The Venice Murders - premieres Sunday, October 8

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