Hallmark Channel Update For Swinging Into Love, now titled Romance with a Twist, Starring Jocelyn Hudon, Olivier Renaud | Summary, Starring Actors

Hallmark Channel now has a dedicated media page for the 2024 movie 'Romance with a Twist' (previously titled Swinging Into Love). Get the very latest news including the summary and premeire date. 'Romance with a Twist' will premiere on Hallmark Channel Saturday, January 27, 2024 at 8:00 PM Eastern. Starring Jocelyn Hudon and Olivier Renaud.

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Summary, Starring Actors

'Swinging into Love' tells the captivating tale of Luna, a former dancer who traded her dreams for a more grounded life managing her family’s construction business. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she gets the chance to convert a gymnasium into an aerial studio. Luna’s dormant passion for dance is rekindled as she secretly tries out the silks, only to be discovered by Bennet, a world-renowned aerialist who has just returned home. Initially irked to find his contractor on the silks, Bennet soon finds himself without a partner for an upcoming show and recruits Luna. As they navigate the challenges of this dynamic sport and Luna rediscovers her love for dance, their relationship teeters on the edge. Will they crash and burn, or will they soar to new heights together?

Hallmark Channel now has a dedicated webpage for this movie (link).

Starring Actors

  • Jocelyn Hudon (Luna)
  • Olivier Renaud (Bennet)
  • Rebecca Applebaum (Candice)
  • Darrin Baker (Richard)
  • Jamie Champagne (Henry)
  • Tanya Clarke (Rosie)
  • Naomi Gaskin (Audrey)
  • Alice Hamid (Holly)
  • Stephanie Herrera (Katrina)
  • Candice Lidstone (Gabby)

Movie Poem

Luna's dreams once soared on the dance floor's stage,
Now she builds futures, turning pages.
A gym's transformation, fate's gentle nudge,
Reawakens the flame, a passionate surge.

Bennet, a master, returns to his roots,
But surprise awaits, under construction's boots.
Luna, the builder, on silks takes flight,
Their partnership forged in the studio's light.

Between leaps and dips, hearts begin to sway,
Will they land gracefully, or go astray?
As love takes hold in each swing and twirl,
Will their passion reach a dizzying whirl?

In 2023, Jocelyn Hudon starred in the Hallmark Channel original movie Love in the Maldives, which premiered in early April 2023. The film also featured Jake Manley, who is not only her co-star but also her husband. This isn't the first time the couple worked together; they have previously appeared in the hit Netflix series The Order and One of a Kind Love for the streaming service Roku.

In Love in the Maldives, Jocelyn Hudon starred as a travel columnist named Rae Parker who leads a fascinating life as a single person, which captivates many readers who follow her travel column titled "Reservation for One." Rae's editor sends her to the Conrad Maldives, one of the most romantic vacation spots in the world.

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