Pictures Released For 'Friends & Family Christmas' Hallmark 2023 Movie Starring Humberly Gonzalez, Ali Liebert

Daniella and Amelia, two New Yorkers facing holiday challenges, agree to pretend to be a couple for the season in Hallmark's 'Friends & Family Christmas' starring Humberly Gonzalez and Ali Liebert. See movie pictures and much more. Premiered on Hallmark Channel, December 17, 2023, at 8:00 PM Eastern.

This is an image from the new Hallmark movie


Aspiring artist Daniella has recently moved to New York City to chase her dreams. As the holiday season approaches, she decides to stay in town to celebrate with her close-knit group of artist friends, rather than return home to her overprotective parents. Amelia, a gifted entertainment lawyer, is struggling to move on from a recent heartbreak and regain her focus on her career.

When their well-intentioned parents arrange a blind date for Daniella and Amelia, they reluctantly agree to pretend to be a couple for the holidays. As they spend time together, sparks fly and they discover a connection that neither of them could have anticipated. Amidst the festive New York City backdrop, their friendship blossoms into something deeper, challenging their preconceptions about love and relationships.


Below is the official trailer video for Friends & Family Christmas.

Movie Pictures

This is an image from the new Hallmark movie

Hallmark has released a photo gallery with dozens of pictures from this movie (link).

On Social Media

Humberly González and Ali Liebert have posted messages about this movie to Instagram.

Movie Poem

In New York's vibrant glow, love's festive story unfolds,
Daniella and Amelia, in holiday charades they're told.
Art and law entwine, in a yuletide masquerade,
A Christmas tale of connection, in the city's serenade.
Snowflakes witness a pretend romance's start,
Friends & Family Christmas, a film close to the heart.

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