Lifetime Movie Network Update For Dying for Fame Starring Dylan Raine, Amelie Anstett (2024) | Summary, Actors List

Lifetime Movie Network now has an official media page for the 2024 movie thriller Dying for Fame starring Dylan Raine and Amelie Anstett. Get the very latest news including the summary, actors list, and premiere date. Dying for Fame premieres Thursday, January 4, 2024 at 8:00 PM East.

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LMN has an official media page for this movie (link).


After discovering internet influencer Juliet's massive following is a sham, ambitious reporter Anna digs deeper, only to be tangled in a web of online deception and deadly secrets. When Juliet is found murdered, guilt-ridden Anna vows to unveil the truth, even if it means risking her own life. Can she expose the killer before their online persona masks another tragedy?

Actors List

  • Dylan Raine (Anna)
  • Amelie Anstett (Juliet)
  • Nick Ritacco (Ryan Tate)
  • Ty Trumbo (Holden)
  • Ian S. Peterson (Club Guy)
  • Kristina Clifford (Meg)
  • Megan Henry (Lex)
  • Shane Campayne (Artie)

Movie Poem

Internet fame, a web of lies,
Juliet's truth, hidden ties.
Anna's choice, a fatal game,
Dying for fame, a life in shame.

Guilt haunts, secrets untold,
In shadows, a story unfolds.
Dylan Raine, Amelie's grace,
Unmask the killer, in this darkened space.

More LMN original movies coming soon include The Serial Killer Seduced Me (December 20, 2023), Smart Home Killer (December 21, 2023), Lust, Lies, & Polygamy (December 27, 2023), and My Wife's Hidden Lover (December 28, 2023).

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