Champions Movie 2023 News Update | Preview Video, Start Date, Actors

February 21, 2023

Woody Harrelson and Kaitlin Olson star in the upcoming 2023 comedy movie Champions. Get up-to-date on the most recent happenings, watch the preview, learn the start date, complete starring actors list, and new social media messages from the stars about the movie.

The start date for Champions is Friday, March 10 in theaters.

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Champions Plot

Woody Harrelson plays the role of a former minor-league basketball coach who has experienced some setbacks in his life. After a few missteps, he is assigned by the court to manage a team of players with intellectual disabilities. Initially skeptical about his ability to work with this team, he soon realizes that they have a lot of potential and that, with his guidance, they can achieve much more than they ever thought possible.

Directed by Bobby Farrelly. Written/screenplay: Javier Fesser, David Marqués, Mark Rizzo.

Champions Actors

  • Woody Harrelson as Marcus
  • Kaitlin Olson as Alex
  • Cheech Marin as Julio
  • Matt Cook as Sonny
  • Ernie Hudson as Coach Phil Peretti
  • Madison Tevlin as Cosentino
  • Joshua Felder as Darius
  • Kevin Iannucci as Johnny
  • Ashton Gunning as Cody
  • Matthew Von Der Ahe as Craig
  • Tom Sinclair as Blair
  • James Day Keith as Benny
  • Alex Hintz as Arthur
  • Casey Metcalfe as Marlon
  • Bradley Edens as Showtime
  • Alicia Johnston as Coach Maya

Champions Official Preview Video

Focus Features has released the official preview trailer video for Champions and you can watch it below.

Woody Harrelson and Kaitlin Olson shared messages to Instagram on February 9 about Champions.


Below is an address you can use to send fan mail to Woody Harrelson.

Woody Harrelson
Homefolk, Inc.
501 South Beverly Drive
3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-4514

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