Catch Me If You Claus 2023 Hallmark Movie | Starring Italia Ricci and Luke Macfarlane

On the verge of her big break, aspiring news anchor Avery Quinn catches a home intruder wearing a red suit claiming to be Santa’s son, Chris. Get ready for the heartwarming 2023 Hallmark movie starring Italia Ricci and Luke Macfarlane. Premieres Thanksgiving Day, November 23. Watch the preview video!

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Avery Quinn, an ambitious and determined aspiring news anchor, is on the brink of achieving her lifelong dream of helming the evening news. Her dedication and unwavering focus have brought her to the cusp of success, and she is poised to make her mark in the competitive world of broadcast journalism.

However, fate has an unexpected detour in store for Avery when a mysterious intruder clad in a Santa suit breaks into her home. This enigmatic intruder, named Chris, introduces himself as Santa's son, embarking on his first Christmas mission. His outlandish claim and peculiar attire initially raise Avery's suspicions, but she is intrigued by his charming demeanor and the intriguing stories he weaves about Santa's world.

Hallmark has a photo gallery with 23 pictures from the movie. (Link)

Catch Me If You Claus Preview Video

Below is the official preview video.

Movie Poem

Amidst the festive cheer, a tale unfolds,
Where Avery Quinn, her ambition holds,
Aspiring news anchor, her dreams ablaze,

Encounters a stranger in Santa's ways.

A home intruder, clad in crimson bright,
Claims to be Santa's son, a wondrous sight,
Avery, intrigued, her curiosity piqued,
Embarks on a journey, truths to be seeked.

With wit and charm, Chris weaves his tale,
Of Santa's magic, never to fail,
Avery, skeptical yet drawn to his guise,

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