Buying Back My Daughter 2023 Lifetime Movie News | Starring Actors, Preview Video, Summary

What would you do if your teenage daughter went missing? Meagan Good, Roger Cross, and Faith Wright star in Buying Back My Daughter about a mother's heartbreaking and inspiring fight to save her daughter from sex trafficking. Watch the preview, learn the starring actors, summary and more. Premieres Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 8:00 PM East/7:00 PM Central and streamed the next day.

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Meagan Good, Roger Cross, and Faith Wright star in Buying Back My Daughter, a heartbreaking and inspiring story of a mother's fight to save her daughter from sex trafficking. After Alicia (Faith Wright) goes missing, Dana (Meagan Good) and Curtis (Roger Cross) spend almost a year searching for her. When they finally discover Alicia's whereabouts, they are horrified to learn that she is being sold as an escort. With the help of a police officer (Ariana Madix), Dana and Curtis embark on a desperate mission to buy their daughter back.

Directed by Troy Scott and written by Barbara Marshall.

Preview Video

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Movie Poem

In this gripping tale of love and pain,
Meagan Good and Roger Cross play the game.
Dana and Curtis, a couple in despair,
Their teenage daughter lost, beyond compare.

But Dana won't give up, she'll fight to the end,
To save her daughter, her precious friend.
She enters the world of darkness and deceit,
To rescue Alicia, her heart's sweet beat.

With courage and love, Dana will prevail,
Her daughter's freedom, she will not fail.
So watch this story, both heartbreaking and grand,
Of a mother's love, forever in demand.

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