Biosphere 2023 Movie News Update | Official Preview Trailer Video, Summary, Main Characters

June 23, 2023

Sterling K. Brown and Mark Duplass star as the last two men on earth in the 2023 comedy movie Biosphere. Get up-to-date on the latest developments for this movie, watch the official preview trailer video, learn the release date and more.

The release date for Biosphere is Friday, July 7.

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Biosphere Summary

Billy (Sterling K. Brown) and Ray (Mark Duplass), inseparable friends and the last survivors in a post-apocalyptic world, rely on their ingenuity and friendship to stay alive. Ray, a brilliant scientist, has engineered a self-sustaining biosphere, a sanctuary that mimics the Earth's conditions. This custom dome provides them with the necessities of life and a semblance of normalcy in an otherwise desolate landscape.

Inside their biosphere, they enjoy the comforts of home, with a hydroponic garden yielding fresh vegetables and a carefully managed fishpond supplying vital protein. However, their idyllic existence is threatened when the fish population begins rapidly declining. With only three fish remaining, Billy and Ray face an uncertain future, their hopes dwindling as the delicate balance of their ecosystem teeters on the edge.

Directed by Mel Eslyn, written by Mark Duplass.

Official Preview Trailer Video

This is the official preview video for Biosphere released by IFC Films.

Sterling K. Brown and Mark Duplass have shared messages to Instagram about the movie. Sterling K. Brown's message includes the preview trailer and the message from Mark Duplass includes information about an upcoming sneak screening and Q&A with the stars.

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