LMN Movies Beware The Night Nurse and Don't Kill the Babysitter Premiering Soon | Actors, Summary

Updated July 08, 2023

Lifetime Movie Network will premiere two new thrillers in July 2023, Beware The Night Nurse and Don't Kill the Babysitter. Learn the release dates, starring actors, and summary.

Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) will first premiere Don't Kill the Babysitter on Thursday, July 20 at 8:00 PM East/7:00 PM Central. Beware The Night Nurse will premiere on Thursday, July 27 at 8:00 PM East/7:00 PM Central.

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Don't Kill the Babysitter Summary

Mariela, a determined woman from Venezuelan, dreams of leaving her home country to start a new life in the United States. However, she faces difficulty in finding an au pair job that would allow her to make the move. Just when things seem bleak, Mariela's luck changes when she encounters Chase and Lori Collins.

Through a successful video interview, Mariela impresses the couple, and they decide to hire her as an au pair to take care of their young daughter, Abbey, and they even arrange for Mariela to live with them in their home. At first glance, everything appears to be going well, except for one thing: Chase and Lori's excessive protectiveness towards Abbey.

As Mariela settles into her role, she starts noticing peculiarities about the Collins family. Lori suffers from frequent cough attacks, and there's a mysterious locked door in Chase's office that piques her curiosity. Mariela embarks on a quest to discover the real reason why the Collins hired her. She knows that if she fails to uncover their secret, it could have serious consequences for her own well-being."

Directed by Chris Bragg, written by Marianjely Marvel.

Don't Kill the Babysitter Starring Actors

  • Valentina Andrade as Mariela
  • Dawn Nagazina as Lori Collins
  • D. Adam Jamieson as Chase Collins
  • Isla Spencer as Abbey
  • Jamie Shelnitz as Sarah

Beware The Night Nurse Summary

Claire and Zach, are a married couple struggling to have a child, decide to enlist the help of their friend Liz to be a surrogate. Liz successfully gives birth to a baby boy, Owen. However, shortly after the birth, Liz disappears under mysterious circumstances. Claire and Zach are now left to care for their newborn son on their own. They are struggling to cope and are desperate for help. One day, a woman claiming to be Liz's childhood nanny offers to be their new nanny. The couple agrees to hire her, not realizing that she is planning to take their baby for her own family.

The woman, who is actually a former con artist, has been planning this for years. She knows that Claire and Zach are vulnerable, and she is determined to take their baby. She slowly gains their trust, and she eventually convinces them to let her take Owen away on a weekend trip.

However, Claire and Zach soon realize that they have been tricked. They track down the woman and rescue Owen, but she escapes. The couple is now determined to bring her to justice and will stop at nothing to get their son back.

Directed by Lindsay Hartley, written by Dana Cameron.

Beware The Night Nurse Starring Actors

  • Vitoria Setta as Claire
  • Bryce Jones as Zach
  • Olivia Larsen as Liz
  • Maeve Quinlan as Vera
  • Bob Gallagher as Officer McKinnon

Vitoria Setta has shared a sneak peek photo from Beware The Night Nurse to Instagram (@vitoriasetta_official).

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vitoriasetta_official Sneak peek into our movie #nightnurse

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