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A Very Venice Romance is a 2023 Hallmark Channel movie starring Stephanie Leonidas as Amy, a New York City executive who tries to convince Marcello (Raniero Monaco Di Lapio), an Italian chef, to help her company launch deliverable meal prep kits. Will their culinary connection blossom into something more? Premieres Saturday, September 30 at 8:00 PM East / 7:00 PM Central. Watch the official trailer and a scene from the movie.
This is a picture of Stephanie Leonidas and Raniero Monaco Di Lapio starring in the 2023 movie A Very Venice Romance


In A Very Venice Romance, Amy (Stephanie Leonidas), an executive at Blossom, a wellness company, is determined to find a chef who can guide their venture. She sets her sights on Marcello Barone (Raniero Monaco Di Lapio), an Italian chef. However, Marcello has been burned by the New York restaurant scene and is content running a cooking school in Venice. To win him over, Amy enrolls in his cooking school and discovers the joys of Italy’s slow-paced lifestyle. As she learns about the health benefits of fresh ingredients, Amy must decide whether to return to New York or stay in Venice. Directed by Elizabeth Farrer, written by Alex Wright.

Movie Photos and Trailer

Hallmark Channel has a photo gallery with dozens of pictures from A Very Venice Romance. (Link)

A Very Venice Romance Movie Trailer and Movie Scene

Movie Scene

Movie Poem

Stephanie’s charm lights up the screen,
Raniero’s charisma makes us dream.
In Venice’s embrace, love takes flight,
Their chemistry shines oh so bright.
Amy and Marcello share their hearts,
Through food and passion, love imparts.
A journey of flavors and romance, In Italy’s beauty,
they find their chance.
Together they cook, together they learn,
Their love story takes a delightful turn.
Stephanie and Raniero’s magic unfolds,
In A Very Venice Romance, love takes hold.

A Very Venice Romance is part of Hallmark Channel's Fall Into Love programming block. Below is the complete movie list with each movie's premiere date.

Love in the Great Smoky Mountains: A National Park Romance (September 2)
Fourth Down and Love (September 9)
Notes of Autumn (September 16)
Retreat to (September 23)
A Very Venice Romance (September 30)
3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost (October 7)
Field Day (October 14)

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