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Experience holiday magic in 'A Cowboy Christmas Romance' as pro real estate 'closer' Lexie Crenshaw confronts family drama and the charming ranch owner who won't sell. Starring Jana Kramer and Adam Senn. Premieres on Lifetime Saturday, December 9, 2023 at 8:00 PM Eastern. Streamed the next day.

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In the week leading up to Christmas, Lexie Crenshaw, a successful real estate agent, finds herself returning to her hometown of Tubac, Arizona, a place she vowed never to revisit. Her mission is to persuade Coby Mason, a rancher with a knack for horse whispering, to sell his family’s land. However, her journey home isn’t just about business. It’s also a chance to mend fences with her estranged father and brothers, whom she left behind a decade ago. As she navigates these complex relationships and contemplates the life she abandoned, Lexie begins to question her choices and the path she’s chosen.

Preview Video

Below is the official trailer video. You can also watch the video directly at YouYube (link).

Movie Poem

In Tubac's heart, where shadows reside,
Lexie Crenshaw, with ambition as her guide, Returns to her roots, a past to confront,
A ranch deal to close, a family's brunt.

The rancher's resolve, a fortress so strong,
His land, his legacy, where he belongs,
Lexie's persistence, a force to behold,
A clash of wills, a story to unfold.

Beneath the surface, emotions entwined,
Family ties, secrets confined,
A spark ignites, amidst the festive cheer,
Love blossoms, casting out all fear.

In Tubac's embrace, where dreams take flight,
Lexie and the rancher, bathed in Christmas light,
A love story born, amidst the desert's sway,
A Christmas miracle, chasing the blues away.

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Jana Kramer and Adam Senn have posted these messages to Instagram about their work on A Cowboy Christmas Romance:

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