How to Contact Xolo Mariduena

How to Contact Xolo Mariduena's manager Brandon Guzman. Also learn how to access contact information for Xolo Mariduena's talent agency and publicist. Includes phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses.

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Contact Xolo Mariduena's Manager, Booking Agent, Publicist


Brandon Guzman of Valor Entertainment Group
Valor Entertainment Group
811 West 7th Street $1200
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Phone: (323) 677-4570

Valor Entertainment Group:

More Contact Information is Available for Xolo Mariduena

Learn how to access complete contact information for Xolo Mariduena's Manager, Talent Agency, and Publicist.

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Xolo Mariduena's Contact Directory

Price: $3.95

How Did Xolo Mariduena Become Famous?

Xolo MaridueƱa began portraying Miguel Diaz in the Netflix series Cobra Kai, a sequel to the 1980s Karate Kid films. Under the guidance of his sensei Johnny Lawrence (played by William Zabka), Miguel initially hesitates to embrace karate but evolves into one of Johnny's most accomplished students. Originally debuting on YouTube Red in 2018 before transitioning to Netflix, Cobra Kai skillfully continues the saga of the Karate Kid universe.

New Movie

This is the official movie trailer for the superhero film Blue Beetle starring Xolo Mariduena as Jaime Reyes and Blue Beetle.

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