How to Contact Flo Milli

If you are looking to contact Flo Milli here you can access contact information for Flo Milli's manager Ebonie Ward CEO of Eleventh & Co and telent agent Cheryl Paglierani at United Talent Agency. Includes phone number, email address and more. Plus learn how she became famous.

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Contact Flo Milli's Manager


Ebonie Ward CEO of Eleventh & Co

Ebonie Ward Email: [email protected]

Flo Milli
Eleventh & Co
PO Box
1984 Howell Mill Rd N
Atlanta, GA 30327


Talent Agent

Cheryl Paglierani at United Talent Agency

United Talent Agency
1401 Peachtree St NE #150
Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone: (470) 468-5899

Cheryl Paglierani Email: [email protected]
Jonathan Briks Email: [email protected]
Tessie Lammle Email: [email protected]

Social Media

How Did Flo Milli Become Famous?

Flo Milli is a rapper who was born and raiswed in Mobile, Alabama. She got famous when her 2018 song “Beef FloMix” and her 2019 song “In the Party” blew up on TikTok. She’s been into music since she was a kid, and even had a rap group when she was 14. Her big break came when she did a freestyle over a track by Ethereal and Playboi Carti, and it went viral. That got her a deal with '94 Sounds and RCA Records.

Her first mixtape, “Ho, Why Is You Here?” did really well and got her on the Billboard 200. She dropped her first album “You Still Here, Ho?” in 2022, and it was a hit. Her single “Never Lose Me” even made it to the Billboard Hot 100.

New Music

Below you can listen to Flo Milli's 2023 hit single "Never Lose Me."

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