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Carly Donovan before and after pictures showing dramatic weight loss.
These Carly Donovan before and after weight loss pictures highlight her weight loss struggle and triumph over obesity.

Do women in Japan really live to be 87 years of age on average? The answer is yes. Carly Donovan, a native of Guelph, Ontario and the creator of the Cinderella Solution female weight loss program, shares this fact and many more in her Cinderella Solution video. Throughout the video she shares her weight gain struggles, health problems, and ultimate triumph over obesity after uncovering the secrets to female Japanese weight loss, she calls the "Japan code."

Carly Donovan has become very well known in the weight loss industry and for good reason. Her weight loss concept is revolutionary because as Carly says she realized "This is not a diet at all!" In other words, it's not about eating less, cutting out carbs and counting calories.

This is a slideshow of Carly Donovan images that further highlight her weight gain and weight loss.

The path to recovering her health started while in a state of desperation as a result of serious health problems she says were caused by obesity. During this time, Carly recalled reading exciting media reports on Japanese female health and longevity. It was at this point that she decided to begin a quest to unravel this Japanese mystery. After several months of research financed with her own money, Carly Donovan says she has solved the puzzle and the answers are now the foundation of Cinderella Solution. You can watch the Cinderella Solution video here.

An image of Japan overlayed with a picture of a young slim Japanese woman and Kane Tanaka from Japan, the olderst person in the world.
Much of the excitement about this approach to weight loss is discovering that by pairing two common dessert spices women can lose weight even faster. Furthermore, Swiss women could lose a pound a day by using a simple chocolate-pairing habit to reset their weight loss hormones. And Japanese women were able to eat more starchy high calorie foods by pairing certain carbohydates at dinner.

In 2017, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare published statistics showing that female life expectancy in Japan had continued to climb; attaining an average age of 87.26 years. In fact, the oldest person in the world is a woman named Kane Tanaka from Fukuoka, Japan who is 116 years old (pictured below). She is officially listed in Guinness World Records. This image is from a ceremony on March 9, 2019 that honored her as the world's oldest person.
An image of Japan overlayed with a picture of a slim Japanese woman and Kane Tanaka from Fukuoka, Japan who is 116 years old.
Five of the top ten oldest people in the world are Japanese women. The complete list:
  • 1) Kane Tanaka - Japan
  • 2) Lucile Randon - France
  • 3) Jeanne Bot - France
  • 4) Shigeyo Nakachi - Japan
  • 5) Haruno Yamashita - Japan
  • 6) Kame Ganeko - Japan
  • 7) Alelia Murphy - United States
  • 8) Geertje Kuijntjes - Netherlands
  • 9) Katerina Karnarou - Greece
  • 10) Osugi Sogo - Japan
  • .
Carly Donovan points out that the Japanese are able to achieve good health despite consuming substantial carbohydrates daily. This is also true. The Japanese consume a large amount of steamed white rice (gohan). In Japan, a bowl of white rice is actually considered the staple of each meal.
A bowl of Japanese steamed white rice (gohan) on a table served as part of a meal.
How can women in Japan, on such a heavy diet of carbohydates, still remain slim and expect to live to be 87 years of age? You have to admit that this is a fascinating realization.

Carly Donovan Weight Loss Quotes

Here are some Carly Donovan quotes I like from her promotional video for the Cinderella Solution weight loss program.
If a 40 year old working mother like me can lose control of their body like this and get it back so can anybody, especially you!

It is possible to eliminate all the years of frustration while stamping out the fire responsible for depression, disease, and uncontrollable weight gain!

I could have never dreamed that myself, my friends, and my family would watch in amazement as I eliminated almost seven pounds of soul crippling fat each and every week for the first six weeks straight!

I was especially excited when the research revealed you can lose weight even faster by pairing two savory desert spices found in almost every woman's kitchen!

Then I realized, this isn't a diet at all!

My goal in life is to help as many women on this planet before I leave this planet, one Cinderella success story at a time!
Carly Donovan before and after pictures showing dramatic weight loss

Final Thoughts

In closing, the information presented here by is a general assessment of the program based on nothing more than some simple fact checking and a "gut feeling" of its ability to deliver results. Japanese women are living longer and healthier than most of the world, so perhaps the research that went in to making this program will ultimately be able to lead women to a healthier, longer life than they would have had otherwise. You can further your understanding of Cinderella Solution by reading the complete introduction here.
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