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Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to give up on the pleasure of eating a delicious meal. Watch and learn how to prepare a variety of tasty healthy meals from these celebrities.

Picture of Emma Chamberlain eating healthy brussel sprouts meal.

Sydney Cummings Reveals the Meals that Power Her Fitness Training

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A fun, in-depth look at healthy food ideas that the very popular fitness celebrity Sydney Cummings is raving about, beginning with a vegan Mediterranean bowl.

Emma Chamberlain's Complete Brussel Sprouts Meal

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Emma Chamberlain prepares a vegan brussel sprouts meal, but that's not all, she adds a surprise to complete it.

Stephanie Buttermore Literally Has a lot on Her Plate

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Fashion and fitness vlogger and PhD Stephanie Buttermore documents a frenzied full day of healthy eating.

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Michelle Choi Unveils a Full Day of Korean-themed Meals

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Warm comfort food consisting of Korean rice cake soup was first on the agenda during a full day of meal reveals from social media star Michelle Choi.

Blogigates Founder Cassey Ho Shares a Full Day of Eating

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Blogigates Founder Cassey Ho covers all of the nutritional bases in this full day of eating as the fitness entrpreneur prepares for a photoshoot.