Countdown To The New Pawn Stars Episode Hollywood Pawn

Celebrity Detective Steve

By Celebrity Detective Steve
Update: This episode was replaced with another episode titled "Pawnsplosion".

The countdown has begun for the new The Pawn Stars episode 'Hollywood Pawn'.
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This is season 17 of History Channel's Pawn Stars series. This season 17 episode is titled Hollywood Pawn and is scheduled to air on Friday, March 27, 2020.

This episode features some of the most famous ever finds in the pawn shop such as a Bob Dylan album, molds of Joe DiMaggio and John McGraw, a book printed by Benjamin Franklin, a suit worn by James Brown, autographs from NASA Gemini program astronauts and an item from the first ever NFL championship game.

Below is the Twitter feed for Pawn Stars. You can scroll down this feed to view previous posts.

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Watch Rick negotiate the purchase of a vintage revolver that he admittedly knows nothing about, in a previous season 17 Pawn Stars episode:

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