Sylvester Stallone - brief bio, Beverly Hills home and neighborhood profile.

Sylvester Stallone was born July 6, 1946 in New York, New York. Stallone is most known for his action/adventure blockbuster films such as the 1976 Academy Award winning film for Best Picture Rocky, where he played the role of underdog heavyweight boxer Rocky Balboa, and for the 1982 film First Blood where he played the role of Vietnam war veteran John Rambo who turned against society when wronged by a small-town Sheriff. Both of these films would help make Rocky and Rambo household names as well spawn an onslaught of popular sequels.

The success of Rocky was made even sweeter, however, because it was actually written by Stallone himself.

Stallone's current residential choice is a $15 million home located in Beverly Hills, California that offers five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a tennis court.

Built in 1994, this home certainly doesn't leave Sly and Jennifer concerned about having enough space for lavish splenders that might make their way into the home with its 15,121 total square feet.

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