Mike Ditka's North Naples, Florida home and community profile plus brief bio

Mike Ditka is the very definition of the word tough. Ditka's unwavering, iron-fisted approach to the game as a player for the Chicago Bears, then later as the head coach for the same team, confirmed that the nickname "Iron Mike" was well-deserved.

The Bears achieved an incredibly dominating Superbowl win over the New England Patriots in the 1985-1986 season at Superbowl 20 with Ditka at the helm - a victory that would go down as Ditka's biggest career accomplishment.

Ditka was also head coach of the New Orleans Saints from 1997 to 1999.

"Iron Mike" has found the ideal get-away community in North Naples, Florida. Ditka's $3 million home is located in the heart of what most people would consider a dream location.

Places of interest in Mike Ditka's neighborhood include:

  • Tiburon Golf Club which offers 3 nine-hole courses.

  • Vineyards Community Park which includes a community center with 2 lighted baseball fields; 4 soccer/football fields; 4 lighted tennis courts; 2 lighted basketball courts; 4 racquetball courts; shuffleboard courts; 2 volleyball courts, and a walking trail and a playground.

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