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You can make an endless amount of tasty dishes with rice if you know how. Here I've collected some very helpful rice recipe videos from the best celebrity chefs and cooking experts.

Learn how to make Jamie Oliver's egg fried rice, Gordon Ramsay's spicy sausage rice, Martha Stewart's rice risotto, Robert Irvine's healthy rice, Rick Bayless's Mexican red tomato rice, Paula Deen's Savannah red rice, Laura Vitale's fried brown rice, and Alton Brown's oven-baked brown rice salad.

Now check out the videos and decide which one of these rice recipes you will you try first!

Image of Jamie Oliver

Egg Fried Rice From Celebrity Chef Jaime Oliver

Recipe Video:

Image of Gordon Ramsay

Spicy Sausage Rice From Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay

Recipe Video:

Image of Martha Stewart

Rice Risotto Recipe From Cooking Expert Martha Stewart

Recipe Video:

Image of Robert Irvine

Healthy Rice From Robert Irvine

Recipe Video:

Image of Rick Bayless

Mexican Red Tomato Rice From Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless

Recipe Video:

Image of Paula Deen

Savannah Red Rice From Cooking Expert Paula Deen

Recipe Video:

Image of Laura Vitale

Fried Brown Rice From Cooking Expert Laura Vitale

Recipe Video:

Image of Celebrity Chef Alton Brown

Oven-Baked Brown Rice Salad From Celebrity Chef Alton Brown

Recipe Video:

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