Tom Snyder's home profile - Tom Snyder house pictures, information and facts about the late Tom Snyder's Belvedere, CA home

Born in Milwaukee, Tom Snyder (May 12, 1936 - July 29, 2007) began his career as a radio reporter in the 1960s. Snyder then moved into television news, anchoring newscasts in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles before becoming a pioneer of late night talk show hosting.

In 1973, Snyder became the host of NBC�s �Tomorrow� which followed Johnny Carson�s �Tonight� show. The show lasted nine seasons, ending in 1982. He then returned to anchoring local news in New York.

In 1995, David Letterman who idolized Snyder, created �The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder�, to follow his own talk show.

In 2005, Snyder revealed that he had chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

At the time of his death, Tom Snyder was living in Belvedere, California. Snyder's home at 276 Beach Road is valued at roughly $4.6 million. The home, located on the ultra-affluent Tiburon Peninsula that extends into the San Francisco Bay, offers five bedrooms, three full bathrooms and one half, and 3,590 square feet.

Tom Snyder's house - Belvedere, California home pictures
Tom Snyder's home in Belvedere, California until
the time of his death in July of 2007.

Despite battling leukemia, Snyder still remained active in the community. In January 2006, Snyder spoke at a Belvedere city council meeting about construction-related issues that were affecting his neighborhood. Snyder also told the council that he felt Beach Road should be made a one-way road, and that improvements should be made in parking enforcement.

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