Steve Phillips' house profile - home pictures, rare facts and info about Marni and Steve Phillips' residence in Wilton, CT

ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips was the general manager for the New York Mets from 19972003. Phillips was hired for the ESPN job not long after resigning from the Mets.

Steve Phillips and wife Marni have four sons and currently reside in Wilton, Connecticut. The Phillips purchased their Wilton home in November of 2001 for $1,280,000. Built in 1999, the two-story Colonial has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, two fireplaces, swimming pool, and 4,905 square feet. The couple purchased the home six weeks before the birth of their fourth son.

On August 19, 2009, police were called to the home by Marni Phillips, who reported that a woman was trespassing on the property. The woman was said to be 22-year-old Brooke Hundley, an ESPN production assistant, who Steve Phillips later admitted to having an affair with. While at the home, the woman left a threatening letter addressed to Marni.

Photo of Steve Phillps' house
Steve Phillps' house in Wilton, CT.

In early September 2009, Marni Phillips filed for divorce.

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