Avatar actor Stephen Lang house profile - home pictures, rare facts and information about the Avatar actor's Kinderhook, NY residence

Veteran actor Stephen Lang recently landed a starring role as Colonel Miles Quaritch in the 2009 science fiction film Avatar. Avatar is based on a conflict happening on a fictional inhabited moon called Pandora that orbits a fictional planet called Polyphemus on a real-life star just over four light years from Earth known as Alpha Centauri A.

A resident of Bedford, New York for several years, in December 2008 Stephen Lang purchased a colonial style home in upstate New York for $519,000. Located in the small town of Kinderhook, the home includes four bedrooms, two bathrooms, nine foot ceilings, and a raised English basement. The home was built in 1836 and has 3,550 square feet.

Stephen Lang's house in Kinderhook, New York - photos of residence
Stephen Lang's house in Kinderhook, NY.

Stephen Lang has played other military-themed characters including Stonewall Jackson in the 2003 film Gods and Generals and Major General George E. Pickett in the 1993 film Gettysburg.

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