Ken Warwick house profile - rare facts, home pictures - Beverly Hills residence

British-born Ken Warwick has been an executive producer of the mega hit television talent show American Idol since its launch in June of 2002. In mid-December 2003, one month before the start of American Idol: Season 3, Ken Warwick paid $2,850,000 for a 3,645 square foot home in Beverly Hills, California. Built in 1967 the home has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and includes hardwood floors, deck, balcony, and two guest suites.

Ken Warwick house in Beverly Hills, CA

Ken Warwick house in Beverly Hills, CA

Ken Warwick house in Beverly Hills, CA
Ken Warwick's house in Beverly Hills.

The home had been listed at $2,999,000 prior to the sale.

Ken Warwick also produces America's Got Talent and reportedly owns another residence in London.

Executive Producer of American Idol, Ken Warwick gives tips on making it in L.A.

American Idol's Executive Producer Ken Warwick talks to Ryan Seacrest
about the condition of sick contestant Crystal Bowersox.

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