Eartha Kit's house Weston, CT - pictures, rare facts and information about Eartha Kit's home in Weston, Connecticut, aerial photos

The late actress and singer Eartha Kitt was born on Monday, January 17, 1927, in the small town of North, South Carolina. At the time of her death in 2008, Eartha Kitt lived in the town of Weston, Connecticut. Eartha Kitt purchased a two-story contemporary home in Weston back in 2002 for $420,000.

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Eartha Kit's home in Weston, CT at the time of her death in 2008.

Built in 1960, the home has four bedrooms, four full bathrooms and two half, swimming pool, hot tub, 3,263 square feet, and is set on over three acres. The home was valued at approximately $1.3 million at the time of her death.

Eartha Kitt passed away at home on Friday, December 25, 2008 after a bout with cancer.

Eartha Kitt starred in the Batman television show as Catwoman.

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