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Update: December 20, 2022

Lifetime's movie The Holiday Dating Guide starring Maria Menounos and Brent Bailey is available to watch for free. Learn how to watch the movie, see first look pictures, cast list and more.

The Holiday Dating Guide premiered on Lifetime on Saturday, December 17 at 8:00 PM EST.

This is an image with text that reads The Holiday Dating Guide starring Maria Menounos & Brent Bailey.

Summary and Cast

Abigale Slater (Maria Menounos) is a dating coach and aspiring book author whose publisher wants her to prove that her dating advice actually works, so she decides to make a man fall for her by Christmas Eve. But when Abigale meets Michael Ryan (Brent Bailey), her single-minded mission takes a very unexpected twist.

The Holiday Dating Guide was directed by Brian Herzlinger and written by Brent Bailey.

  • Maria Menounos
  • Brent Bailey
  • Andrea Susan Bush
  • Kelly Lynn Reiter
  • Ava Paloma
  • Steve Vinovich
  • Mason McCulley
  • Jequrey Slaton
  • Kerry Malloy
  • Sarah Allyn
  • Thomas Wilson Pace
  • Amadeo Fusca
  • Evan Bergman
  • Braeden Michael Baldwin
  • Victoria Scala

Free Full Movie

Lifetime is currently sharing this movie for free at the following link:

First Looks and Behind The Scenes

The following are first looks, behind the scenes pictures and personal messages shared by Brian Herzlinger, Maria Menounos, Brent Bailey, Kelly Lynn Reiter, and on set hair stylist Votoio.

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